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What happened to WiseSoft.co.uk?

WiseSoft.co.uk was created back in 2008 as a way for me to share scripts and applications with the community. I developed the website myself using .NET and created my own content management system that would make it easy to add new scripts, applications and articles to the website.

At this time I was an IT Technician – not a developer but I enjoyed writing code as a hobby (and still do). The decision to use .NET made sense at the time as I was interested in expanding my knowledge in this area – and what better way to learn than to create things!

My career shifted gears some time ago and I now work as a SQL Server DBA. I also have 2 kids now and a hobby that takes up a fair bit of my time (running). I hadn’t invested in the website in a long time – it didn’t work great on mobile and the registration & forum system had become a target for spammers. With the introduction of GDPR, I no longer wish to capture any users contact details as storage of users personal data has become a liability.

I no longer have any interest in coding my own website so given the issues above it makes sense just to start fresh using a more standard approach – WordPress! The name change to wiseDATAman is to reflect my current interests – SQL Server/Databases.

Most of the key content from wisesoft.co.uk has been copied to this website so hopefully you will be able to find what you need. I also created a full dump of the scripts from wisesoft.co.uk and uploaded them to GitHub so you might find what you are looking for there.

Hopefully this change is a positive one as it allows me to focus more on content and tools.

.NET Syntax Highlighter

My old website had an online syntax highlighter tool. I’ve since migrated to WordPress and I’m no longer able to host this tool. I’m posting the source code used instead – there are probably more sophisticated options available, but hopefully someone will find this useful!

Use the FormatCode method to generate a formatted HTML version of your code and include the CSS for styling. Supports VBScript, BAT, KiXtart, PowerShell, HTA & TSQL.