Account Management Spreadsheet

Account Management Spreadsheet

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel (tested with version 2002)
  • Active Directory




This program is designed to provide a quick and effective method of creating a large quantity of user accounts. In comparison to Microsoft’s own bulk import tool, csvde, this tool is easier to use and supports some options that are unavailable in csdve. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Create user accounts.
  • Create exchange mailboxes if required.
  • Option to create work areas with custom NTFS security applied.
  • Support for most common user attributes.
  • Configure group membership
  • Enable/Disable user accounts.
  • Reset passwords. (Including BULK password reset)
  • Group Membership/OU Query.

Excel is a powerful tool, and although designed for financial use, it lends itself to user account automation. You easily create a large number of generic user accounts by copying and pasting down. You can write formulas in Excel to automatically set the values of certain attributes based on other attributes.

For example, you might want to set the display name to “firstname surname ” – this is accomplished with a simple formula in Excel. It’s also easy to copy and paste information from databases and other sources of user information. 

Update 2012-01-27

Access to source code now included! 

Account Management Spreadsheet started life as an in house application back in 2004.  Not much has changed since then, but the application still remains a useful tool.  I’ve decided to unlock the VBA project, providing access to the VBA source code.  The source code might not be pretty, but access to the VBA code allows you to customize and extend the Account Management application to suite your own requirements. Please see the license.txt file for restrictions on use.