T-SQL DDL Code History Tool

Note: This tool is no longer under active development. Event notifications don’t work well with In Memory OLTP which is one of the reasons I’m no longer working on this tool. DBA Dash can be used to track schema changes instead.

The T-SQL DDL Code History Tool tracks DDL Events (schema modifications) that occur in a SQL Server database.  The tool can be used to answer questions like “who changed what and when”, providing you with a history of schema changes for any given object in the database.  


  • Tracks DDL Events (schema modifications)
  • Explorer style user interface.  Similar to SQL Server Management Studio
  • See a history of schema changes for any given object in a database.
  • See a history of schema changes made by any given user.
  • See what recent changes have been made on your server/database.
  • Advanced search/filter capabilities when required.
  • Recycle Bin node for objects that no longer exist in the database or databases that no longer exist on the server.
  • Create a point in time DDL Snapshot of your database.
  • Integrates with Source Gear Diff Merge to provide diff comparisons.  
  • Clipboard compare feature to allow compare of any object from any DB – current or DDL history
  • Quick compare option to compare an object in the current database with an object of the same name in another database.
  • Quick database compare to compare DDL of two databases.
  • Export option
  • Red Gate SQL Compare Integration




Read the getting started guide for an introduction to this tool.