Password Control – Password Generation

Password Control allows you to generate random passwords at the click of a button (The “G” button).  You can alter the format of the generated passwords by clicking the “Tools\Settings\Password Generation Options” menu to access the Password Generation Options dialog.

The default option is to generate a password constructed of random uppercase characters, lowercase characters and digits.  The dialog box will look similar to the one below:

Password Generation Options - Standard

The options to include symbols, digits, lowercase & uppercase characters are available.  A default password length of 0 is used – the minimum password length setting of the domain will override this value.  You can increase the password length to a value higher than the domain minimum password length setting if required.  A password similar to the ones below will be generated:


Password Control also includes the option to use a mask or to use a “Pass Phrase”.  The “Pass Phrase” option generates a password constructed of two random word separated by a space.

Password Generation Options - Pass Phrase

The “Pass Phrase” option is equivalent to using a password mask of “%w %w”.  A password mask allows you to specify exactly how a password is constructed.  You can use the following pre-defined placeholders:

%username% = The username of the selected user.
%u = A random uppercase character (A-Z)
%l = A random lowercase character (a-z)
%w = A random word
%s = A random symbol
%d = A random digit (0-9)

You can use any combination of placeholders to construct your password.  Any other text will appear in the password as entered.


MaskExample 1Example 2
%w %wfinalised generalisationequalising glamorises

Random Word Generation

Random words are generated from a file called “words.txt”.  The file is a simple text file with a new word on each line – you can edit this list to suit your requirements.  Although memorable, random words are less secure than a random combination of characters.  For security reasons you might want to edit the text file – feel free to use your own word list.  You can use words with mixed case characters for additional complexity.  Also, consider using random words in combination with other placeholders in your password mask.