SQL Server Database Restore Utility

This script is a simple utility to allow users to restore SQL Server databases.  It’s easier to use for non-DBAs and it provides a method of restoring databases when the management tools are not installed.  It’s a good demonstration of a HTA application, but it’s not a intended as a replacement for SQL Server Management Studio. You can only use this utility for simple restore scenarios.A simple utility that allows you to restore SQL Server databases from a backup file.

Computer Information Tool – HTA Script

Collects WMI information about a specified computer and displays a formatted HTML report. Also allows you to monitor and terminate running processes, connect to shares on the remote computer and shutdown/reboot the remote computer.

Don’t be put off by the amount of code – just save the script as a HTA (*.hta) and run. No customization is required, but you are free to modify the script to suite your own purposes. 


  • Display information for local or remote computer.  Also, option to connect via alternative credentials.
  • Reboot/Shutdown computer.
  • Shortcuts to remote desktop and the computer management MMC console.
  • Operating System Information
  • Sortable/Searchable list of running processes
  • Ability to kill a running process (remotely)
  • Physical memory information.  See how much memory is installed and in which banks.
  • Logical disk information.  Total/Freespace information, including a graphical representation of freespace.
  • Physical disk information – information on the hard drives installed on the computer. e.g. Manufacturer, Model, Size, Serial etc.
  • Processor information – information about CPUs installed on the computer.
  • Shares – Displays a list of all the available shares.  Allows you to map shares as drives and connect to shared printers.
  • Users – Displays a list of local user accounts.
  • Reset passwords for local users and enable/disable local user accounts.

Version History

1.12009-12-21Added option to connect with alternative credentials (UserName + Password textboxes added)
Added Remote Desktop and Computer Management console shortcut
Added menu to shutdown command (additional options now available)
Added “Users” section.  Displays local user accounts, allows you to reset passwords and enable/disable local user accounts.
“Enter” key should now default to “Generate Report” button.
Changed report to automatically run for local computer when loaded.
1.02008-08-31Initial release

Drive Space Report

Display a drive space report for multiple computers. This HTA can check the drives of multiple computers and produce a HTML report that will highlight any drives that are low on free space. The HTA also generates a CSV version of the report.

The Drive Space Report is a GUI script that allows you to view the disk drives and free space on several computers.  Just enter the computer name or IP Address, one per line and click the “Generate Report” button to display the report.  Click the “Download Report (CSV)” button to save the report in CSV (comma separated) format.