Bulk AD Users – GridView Edit


The GridView edit feature of Bulk AD Users is ideal for making a few quick changes to user account attributes.  If you are planning to update a large number of user accounts, the CSV UpdateEdit In Excel or Bulk Modify features are probably more appropriate.


Bulk AD Users - Edit Grid
  • You should now be able to edit user account data in the grid. 
  • Once you have finished updating user accounts, click the “Apply Modifications” toolbar button or select “Apply Modifications” from the “Grid” menu.
  • The Bulk Modify Results dialog will display allowing you to review the updates you’ve made and also to roll back the update if required.

Note: Any updates you make in the grid are not applied to the user accounts until you click the “Apply Modifications” button.  If you want to discard your changes, you can simply click the “Cancel Modifications” option from the “Grid” menu or click the appropriate toolbar button.