Password Control – Multiple Domains

Support for multiple domains has been improved in version 2 of Password Control. By default, the current domain is selected & a list of trusted domains are added to the menu and are available for selection. In a single domain environment, you can simply forget about this feature – Password Control will load up and be ready to set passwords for users in your domain.

To change the domain, click the File Menu, select Domain – A list of domains appear in the sub menu. Select the required domain. If the domain does not appear in the list, click the “Other” button and type the DNS name of the domain. You can also enter the IP Address of a specific domain controller. The domain entered will now be selected & will appear in the menu. The domain would need to be added again the next time you load password control.

You can also add a list of domains to appear in the menu that will be persisted the next time you load password control. Choose File, Settings, Domain List.

Password Control - Domain List Dialog

Enter the DNS name (Or IP Address of a domain controller) in the text box and click add to build your list of domains. Remove domains by clicking the “Remove” button. The “Dynamic” checkbox under the Remove button indicates that Password Control should add a list of Trusted domains to the menu. You can use this in combination with the domains entered manually.

You can also specify the default domain manually, or have it selected dynamically by Password Control. The second Dynamic checkbox tells password control to select the default domain automatically. To disable this feature, uncheck the “Dynamic” checkbox and specify the default domain manually using the combobox to the left.

NOTE: If Password Control appears to load slowly, you might get a performance boost by un checking both of the Dynamic checkboxes and specifying the domain list and default domain manually.

The Connect As feature might also be useful in a multi-domain environment.