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Hi, I’m David Wiseman.

I’m a SQL Server DBA that enjoys performance tuning and spend most of my time writing and tuning T-SQL code. This is my personal blog site to share my experience, scripts and tools with the community.

DBA Dash

Open Source SQL Server Monitoring tool. Just released!

DBA Dash is a tool for SQL Server DBAs to assist with daily checks, performance monitoring and change tracking.
DBA Dash

Latest Posts

  • DBA Dash – What’s new in 2.21.0? 🚀
    Intro The first public release of DBA Dash was in January 2022 and version 2.21.0 is the 24th release.🎉 A lot has changed with many new features added as well as bug fixes. I haven’t really blogged much about the changes, but I thought it might be good to capture what its new for significant […]
  • Should I Store Files in the Database?
    SQL Server can store binary large objects such as files inside the database. Why might you want to store files inside the database? What problems might it cause and what alternative options should you be considering? Background I have experience managing several large SQL databases consisting of up to 160TB of blob data – using […]