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Hi, I’m David Wiseman.

I’m a SQL Server DBA that enjoys performance tuning and spend most of my time writing and tuning T-SQL code. This is my personal blog site to share my experience, scripts and tools with the community.

DBA Dash

Open Source SQL Server Monitoring tool. Just released!

DBA Dash is a tool for SQL Server DBAs to assist with daily checks, performance monitoring and change tracking.
DBA Dash

Latest Posts

  • T-SQL Tuesday #154 Invitation – SQL Server 2022
    Introduction This is my first time participating in T-SQL Tuesday. The Invitation from Glenn Berry asks to write about what you’ve been doing with SQL 2022. Getting DBA Dash ready for SQL 2022 I was eager to test DBA Dash with SQL 2022 and started testing with the first public release (CTP 2.0). I added a SQL […]
  • September Free Community Tools Awareness Month
    I’m writing this post to join in with September Free Community Tools Awareness Month. There are many awesome free community tools. I’ve chosen to blog about 3 of them that I think are interesting any maybe less well known in the database community. I’m also taking the opportunity to shamelessly plug my own tool, DBA Dash. […]