Password Control – FAQ

  • Can Password Control be run without admin privelages?
    Normal users accounts do not have permissions to reset other users passwords.  You must grant the appropriate permissions to allow users to use Password Control.  You could create a Password Control Users group and delegate the appropriate permissions to that group.  For more information on delegation, see the Password Control helpfile.  If you prefer to use a built-in group, the Account Operators group grants all the permissions required to run Password Control.  Please note that this group also grants other permissions not required by Password Control.If you are a network admin and have an “every day” account as well as an admin account, you can run Password Control under your everyday account and use the connect as feature to run Password Control under the context of your admin user account.
  • How do I check that my version of Password Control is up-to-date?
    Open the about dialog (Help/About).  The about dialog box will show the version of Password Control installed and will also show the latest version available on the website (from version 2.1).
  • What if I don’t want some user accounts to be visible to Password Control?
    User accounts can be hidden from password control by creating a “PasswordControl_Invisible” security group in your domain. Make any users you don’t want to display in Password Control a member of this group. A nested membership test is performed so you can also add other groups to the “PasswordControl_Invisible” group.
  • What if I want to audit activities performed by Password Control?
    You can have Password Control write successful and failed events to the eventlog by modifying the “AuditFailedEvents” and “AuditSuccessfulEvents” options in the configuration file. (“PasswordControl.exe.config”)
  • Can I hide certain features of Password Control?
    See here