Extract User Data To a CSV File (Inc Terminal Services Attributes)

Extract user data from Active Directory as a CSV file. Handling for terminal services attributes is included.


This script expands on the Extract User Data to a CSV script by adding support for terminal services attributes.  Terminal services attributes are actually stored in the userparameters attribute in Active Directory.  Reading from this value directly is not supported.  The IADsTSUserEx interface can be used to read terminal services attributes, but it does require that we bind to each user account when running the search.  You will notice that the search runs a lot slower when terminal services attributes are included – If they are not required, you might want to remove them from the list of attributes in the setup section. Note: This script makes use of the IADsTSUserEx interface.  You will need to install the Windows 2000/2003 Administration Tools Pack to allow the script to work.

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