Set Max Server Memory

Set Max Server Server Memory at Startup

Max server memory is one of the SQL Server configuration options that you should change from the default value. Brent Ozar has some good advice on this here. TLDR: You should leave some extra memory for the o/s.

A good starting point is to leave 10% (4GB minimum). If you are running other processes on your SQL server instances like SSRS, SSAS or if you are running multiple instances you might need to leave a lot more.

You can easily set the max server memory to your desired value in MB using sp_configure or using SSMS and simply forget about it:

What if you add/remove memory from your SQL instance? This is a setting that you need to remember to change. Gone are the days where you need to physically open your servers and install new DIMMS. With the advent of cloud and hypervisors – adding memory can be as easy as a few mouse clicks or running a script.

The point of this article is to consider doing this as a script at startup. If you scale up or down to a new instance type in the cloud – your max server memory could automatically be set to an appropriate value as a startup script. It’s something less to think about.

Show me the code!

This script will apply the 10%/4GB rule. You could adjust the formula as required.

You just need to run this as a SQL Agent job at startup which you can do using the script below:

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