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Identity Columns collection

If your table runs out of identity values, you might see an error message similar to the one below:

Msg 8115, Level 16, State 1, Line 7
Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int.

DBA Dash now has monitoring for identity values. You can see when you are about to run out of identity values which allows you time to plan and fix these problems before they cause errors in your database.

Identity Columns on DBA Dash Summary page
Identity Columns drilldown

More information here.

Backup Compression Algorithms for SQL 2022

SQL 2022 has the option to use Intel QAT backup compression. In software mode this is supported on standard and enterprise editions. It’s significantly faster, produces higher levels of compression and uses less resources. Hardware mode is just supported on enterprise edition and can significantly offload the CPU cost of compressing your backups.

Glenn Berry has some good articles on this here and here.

So what’s this got to do with DBA Dash? DBA Dash now captures the compression algorithm used from msdb.dbo.backupset for your latest backups. You can now where QAT_DEFLATE compression is in use.

New columns added to capture compression algorithm used for last backup

DBA Dash also tracks sys.configurations settings in use across all your SQL instances, including the new configuration options used to enable QAT_DEFLATE compression. You can see the configuration setting in use and also track when settings have been changed.

‘#Tracking changes to sys.configurations


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